About The Company… The Chambers Corporation was founded by Linda Chambers in 1979. They specialized in commercial window treatments. In 2000, one of Linda’s clients, a State University College and the Director of Residence Life, asked if she could come up with a closet door solution for their residence halls. One that would slide easily, and that the students could not dismantle and use for beer pong. Having successfully designed, produced, and delivered the desired solution for her client, the Closet Drape was born. Linda then literally built and expanded the business one college at a time, perfecting the product and broadening the branding and printing capabilities. Today The Chambers Corporation is growing by leaps and bounds and offers their Closet Drape solution to both State and Private Colleges and Universities around the country

Our Commitment To You… The Chambers Corporation was built on two fundamental beliefs. One, provide a custom, innovative product. And two, unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. As Linda frequently says… “We’re not satisfied until the client is happy”. Having served many dozens of clients, we are proud of our track record and continue to embrace our fundamental beliefs.

About Linda… Starting The Chambers Corporation, and later the Closet Drape product line, Linda was a one woman team. With a tool belt around her waist, a drill in one hand, and a phone in the other, she singlehandedly designed and constructed the products, and built the company into what it is today. Linda was well prepared for the hard work, serving as a Phys Ed teacher for almost 10 years. Linda continues to enjoy her hands-on construction duties, but today she has help, allowing her to run the company and oversee all aspects of the business. Pictured with her husband and family, Linda regularly enjoys tennis, golf, and (when time permits) traveling the world.