Out with the Old... The typical solution for closets has been to either have one's personal items exposed to the room or to add an accordion door.  Accordion doors are difficult to operate and repair, and expensive to replace.  

In with the New... The new solution for closets is a "Closet Drape", a soft, alternative door system. The closet Drape guides easily in the track without binding and does not restrict an overstuffed closet.


Durable Against Abuse... We only use durable, flame-retardant nylon or polyester fabric and our track is made from sturdy aluminum with replaceable component parts.

Cost Effective & Affordable... When compared to accordion door solutions, our closet drapes will save you money - both in the short and long term.

Fast & Easy Installation... Maintenance staff consistently provides feedback stating how easy our closet drapes are to install. We're also available to perform the installation for you, if needed.

Branding made easy! We offer a multitude of colors with screen printing of your logo or a custom design.